Giving back to our community, locally and globally, is of great importance to us.  Children, in particular, represent the possibility of a better future. 


For each home we help you buy or sell, the Real Results Group will donate a portion of our fees to imagine1day.  Our contributions will be used to purchase school desks so that girls and boys can sit comfortably while they read, write, calculate and draw.  When you work with our team, you are creating opportunities for children, regardless of their gender or economic circumstance, to earn an education and grow as future leaders for their families, their communities and for the world at large.


imagine1day, a Canadian Registered Charity, was founded in our own backyard in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Since 2007, they’ve been helping send kids to school, with a goal to ensure all Ethiopians have access to quality education free of foreign aid by 2030.  Working as direct implementers, their holistic education programs currently impact over 90,000 children attending 226 schools. The story of imagine1day runs deeper than the bricks they lay or the books they supply.  Visit their website to learn more about their inspiring vision and innovative approach to making a difference in the lives of children and communities.


imagine1day will be allocating your 2016 donations to a school in Ethopia's southern region of Oromia. The school is the community of Tule Ade.  Here are some quick facts on the community:


Community of 3,578 people, 757 are children
Only 53% are enrolled in school
Students enrolled only attend 66% of the time
There are only enough desks for less than 20% of children (this is where you are helping, thank you!)
Currently there is no early childhood education, no playground, no water, no latrine, no facilities to support the second cycle of primay school
21% of students enrolled can read to the national standard or above
Construction of a new school has started and will be complete this December

Here is a direct link to the community: Oromia


Look for our signs out in your neighbourhood!